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Dealing with Progressive Insurance Company after an Accident in Florida

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Progressive Insurance is a massive insurance company, with revenues well over $1 billion each year. They do not manage this kind of income by paying out every claim that comes through the door. Their aggressive pursuit of profit leads to the denial of many viable injury claims. As frustrating as seeking compensation from an auto insurance company can be, a dedicated personal injury attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo could help you when dealing with Progressive auto claims after an accident in Florida.

How Does Progressive Insurance Avoid Paying Out Claims Fully?

There are many ways Progressive Insurance can be difficult to negotiate with following a car accident in Florida. Their claims adjusters are trained to work against the claimant’s interests if possible and may make inadequate settlement offers as a result. Understanding the potential manipulation tactics they may use can be helpful when resolving a Progressive insurance claim.

Offering Inadequate Settlement

A common tactic used by Progressive insurance adjusters is to make a settlement offer immediately upon receiving notice of the claim. Unfortunately, these offers are typically much less than the actual value of the claim. In some cases, the insurance company offers an amount of money that covers the injured driver’s emergency room bills but does nothing for their future medical costs, suffering, or lost wages.

There is only one shot at settling a claim with Progressive Insurance. After a claimant accepts a settlement amount, they cannot request additional funds later. Insurance companies know this, so they push these settlements early on before a claimant can consult an attorney.

Recorded Statements

Another tactic used by these adjusters is trying to obtain recorded statements. In some cases, injured parties may make statements seemingly admitting fault or lowering the value of their injuries. Progressive Insurance may use these out-of-context statements to avoid paying a claim.

Reviewing Online Activity

Insurance companies may also carefully watch a claimant to assess whether they are as injured as they say. This could include monitoring social media and highlighting photos or posts that contradict other statements made by the insured.

The Importance of Legal Counsel Following a Car Wreck in Florida

Because of these calculating tactics, it is vital to speak with a Florida attorney before dealing directly with Progressive insurance adjusters. Many of the pitfalls associated with dealing with this company stem from speaking with them directly. A lawyer could serve as the claimant’s point of contact to reduce the risk of a driver saying something that undermines their claim.

An attorney also can carefully review settlement offers to assess whether they are fair or not. Experience in handling these claims provides legal counsel with insight on what current and future considerations should be taken into account.

A Florida Attorney When Handling Progressive Insurance after a Car Crash

Dealing with Progressive Insurance after a car accident in Florida can be frustrating on many levels. Given their dedication to avoiding responsibility, there is no guarantee you will obtain the benefits you need for the present and the future.

The good news is that you have options. The skilled lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo have vast experience handling these insurance companies and could help you obtain the compensation you need. Reach out to our office today to schedule a free case consultation.

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