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What information do you exchange in a car accident?

The information that you should exchange in a car accident in Florida includes the following: your full name and contact information, driver’s license number, vehicle information such as make and model and the VIN (vehicle identification number), insurance carriers, and policy numbers. If, for example, the other driver doesn’t want to give you their insurance information, remind them that Florida Statute 324.242 states they must release this information to you. Finally, try to get the contact information for any witnesses

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Information that must be exchanged.

  • Full name of all parties involved: As noted above, you are required under Florida law to provide your name to another driver when you are in an accident with them. For insurance purposes, you might also benefit from providing them with the names of any passengers that were in the vehicle with you.
  • Contact information. You will also need to provide the other driver with contact information in case their insurance company needs to contact you. Remember that while they might reach out, it is vital to direct them to your attorney, as discussing your case with the insurance company could put your recovery at risk.
  • Driver’s license number. Your driver’s license number is essential. However, you do not have to allow the other driver to take possession of your license.
  • Insurance information. This includes your policy number and the name of the company that provides you with coverage.

Evidence that could help your financial recovery

The information you exchange with the other driver includes details about yourself and your insurance company. In addition, if you can, collect evidence that you wouldn’t share with the other driver but instead might be important to your attorney, and includes the following:

  • The names and contact information of the witnesses
  • Nearby local businesses
  • Photos of the accident scene, of your car, and the other car
  • Statements made by the other driver

You are not required to say anything else about the accident

You might be obligated to exchange pertinent information with the other driver, but that does not mean it covers anything else. It is essential to keep most of that information to yourself. Anything you say about the accident to the other driver could be used against you in court.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to take statements out of context to paint the other driver as liable. Sometimes, even expressing sympathy for an injury could be twisted into an admission. Therefore, you should avoid discussing the facts of the accident or your opinion on who is at fault.

While you should not exchange this information with the other driver, you should discuss it with legal counsel. The more you share with your attorney, the more likely they will be able to establish liability for car accidents.

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