Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident Lawyer

The Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo understand first-hand that dealing with truck wreck cases is very different from the traditional auto accident. Large trucks (ranging from multi-passenger vehicles to commercial motor vehicles and tractor trailers, weighing up to 80,000 lbs.) are susceptible to different types of crashes under varying circumstances than the regular automobile.

For example, due to a higher center of gravity, large trucks have greater risk of flipping; the hitches create the opportunity to jackknife; tire blow-outs create a potentially deadly environment for other drivers; the loads are often hazardous materials, and most importantly, the sheer size, weight and momentum of these large trucks greatly diminishes the driver’s ability to react and respond quickly.

These factors coupled with a moment of distraction or careless and negligent driving cause devastating and sometimes fatal truck wrecks on Florida roadways every single day. In 2012 alone, there were 3,572 truck accidents in Broward County. Therefore, if you have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one because of a truck accident, contact one of our experienced injury attorneys today.

Truck Accident Causes

The drivers of large Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) are required by law to earn and maintain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) from the state of Florida, and there are rules regulating the maximum number of hours a driver can operate a CMV before resting. Regardless of these laws, which are for the safety of drivers on the road, there are circumstances in which a truck driver’s training and such rules are ignored, and disastrous truck accidents are the result.

Distracted driving (texting, talking on the phone), drowsy driving, impaired or intoxicated driving, speeding, inexperience, hazardous road/weather conditions and unbalanced truck loads are all major contributing factors to Ft. Lauderdale truck accidents. Additionally, large trucks have significant blind spots that smaller passenger automobiles do not have, on either side of the truck and immediately in front of the truck. Our truck wreck attorneys could fully investigate the cause of a collision to determine the responsible parties and hold them accountable.

Filing A Claim

One major difference between truck wreck claims and traditional auto accident claims is that with truck accidents, there are generally multiple parties. For example, there is the driver of the truck who is at fault, his/her employer may be negligent in hiring that particular driver, the owner of the truck, cargo container and so on.

These and other legal complexities of truck accidents are best navigated by the experienced and dedicated Ft. Lauderdale truck accident lawyers at the personal injury law firm of Kogan, DiSalvo. If you were involved in a truck accident, call now for a free consultation. You focus on recovering from your injuries and our truck wreck attorneys in Fort Lauderdale will focus on your claim and recover the compensation you deserve.