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In recent years, Uber and other ridesharing apps such as Lyft have become a common and popular method of transportation. With over 5.4 million drivers worldwide, it’s not surprising that these types of accidents have also increased, resulting in a rise in Uber ridesharing accident claims. If this has happened to you, contact us at Kogan & DiSalvo today. Our Palm Bay car accident lawyers are experienced and able to help you navigate the complexities of an Uber accident claim. Our Florida injury attorneys are dedicated to understanding the unique details of your case and providing clear and honest counsel. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Who is liable for an Uber, Lyft, or rideshare accident? 

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Determining liability in an Uber accident can be challenging. Four possible insurance companies may be involved in the Uber accident claim, and they include the following: 

  • Your personal insurance coverage
  • Uber, Lyft, or any other app’s insurance
  • The rideshare driver’s insurance 
  • Insurance held by any other motorists involved in the crash 

Determining who is liable depends on the circumstance of the crash. Florida, including Palm Bay, Brevard County, and Eastern Florida, is a no-fault state. It means all drivers involved in the accident will seek financial benefits from their own insurance providers, regardless of who was at fault. However, you might pursue an Uber accident claim if the accident caused long-term injuries and an inability to earn a living.

If you were injured in an Uber accident in Florida, our team of Palm Bay Uber & Lyft accident lawyers could help you navigate the complex issues of ridesharing apps. 

Liability Issues in Uber Accident Claims

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As noted, multiple entities may be involved when dealing with an Uber accident claim. Common issues that arise in Uber accident settlement may include the following: 

Determining which insurance entity (or entities) to file the Uber accident claim

Since multiple insurance entities may be involved in your rideshare accident, it can be confusing to figure out which one is liable to pay for damages. This is why a rideshare accident lawyer is necessary if this happens to you. However, if you are a passenger in an Uber or a Lyft, they are required to provide coverage for you. However, you may also receive compensation from your personal insurance provider because Florida is a no-fault state.

Having a denied claim

A worst-case scenario is if both the rideshare company’s insurance policy and the personal policies of the driver deny the Uber accident claim. Various reasons could cause this, such as a lack of evidence or improper filing, or agreeing to an unfair settlement due to a lack of understanding.

Insurance companies are never eager to pay out and may offer a settlement that is much less than you deserve. Therefore, it’s always best to have a Palm Bay Uber accident lawyer review any insurance settlement offers you receive before you agree to them. 

I was a motorist hit by an Uber driver. Who is liable?

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If the driver was working–meaning the Uber app was engaged during the accident–then Uber has insurance. Uber’s liability policy covers the following:

  • Uber drivers who have the app engaged while waiting to pick up a passenger
  • Uber drivers who are en route with passengers in their vehicles
  • Uber drivers who are dropping off or picking up passengers

If the app wasn’t engaged at the time of the accident, your insurance policy would most likely cover your damages.

I was a passenger in an Uber accident. Am I covered?

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Thankfully, Uber and Lyft are required to cover all passengers riding in a rideshare vehicle from Palm Bay, Brevard County, Eastern Florida, and beyond. Passengers in an Uber are covered from the moment the driver accepts the trip until they are dropped off at their destination. During that time, all parties involved in the ride are covered by a $1 million commercial insurance policy set up by Uber. Even so, you may wish to turn to your personal injury insurance to settle the Uber accident claim and provide any details that Uber’s insurance policy might have overlooked.

Compensation for Uber Accident Victims

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Accidents are traumatic and costly. At Kogan & DiSalvo, our car accident attorneys in Palm Bay can help you maximize your compensation to make a full financial recovery. Compensation for Uber and Lyft accidents may help cover the cost of the following: 

  • Medical expenses incurred due to the accident
  • Lost wages or earnings from missed work or an inability to work
  • Property damages, as applicable 
  • Pain and suffering damages

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Uber accident claims are complex, and navigating the field of rideshare insurance policies is best handled by your lawyer. If you have been involved or injured in an Uber accident, contact our team at Kogan & DiSalvo today to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our veteran attorneys are well-versed in Florida’s personal injury laws, including rideshare accidents, and have a proven track record of outstanding settlements and verdicts. It is our goal to help clients get their lives back on track with minimal disruption or inconvenience. Contact us today for a free consultation. In addition, we work on a contingency basis, so there are no upfront legal fees.

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