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Stuart Paralysis Injury Lawyer

The Stuart paralysis lawyers have successfully worked many paralysis cases and know firsthand the awful emotional and financial toll this heartbreaking injury causes.

That is why the Stuart paralysis injury lawyer is passionate in helping paralysis victims and their families. Dedicated and experienced attorneys can fight hard to secure damages that can help in the patient’s recovery and ease the financial hardship.

Scope of Paralysis

Paralysis is far more common than previously thought in 2009, according to a comprehensive study conducted in 2013 and released by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, formed on behalf of the actor who was paralyzed when thrown from a horse.

Researchers studied more than 70,000 American households and found that 5.4 million people are living with some form of paralysis, which is about one in 50 people and the total population of Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. That number is almost 40 percent larger than the 2009 estimate.

Paralysis, as the study defined, is a disorder of the central nervous system. The disorder causes trouble or the inability to move arms, legs, or both. Paralysis can prevent total or partial movements and cause loss of control of internal organs, lost the sensation of feeling, trouble breathing, mood, and personality changes.

Common Causes of Paralysis

The primary cause of paralysis is a stroke at 33.7 percent, with spinal cord injury accounting for 27.3 percent, and multiple sclerosis 18.6 percent, the study reported. Other causes are:

  • Automotive crashes
  • Physical labor
  • Falling
  • Sporting accidents
  • Shooting and assault violence

Medical malpractice can also be a cause. The study states that about 28 percent of those who are living with paralysis have low household incomes of less than $15,000 annually. Only 15.5 percent of paralyzed people are employed and 41.8 percent are unable to work. Many of these individuals also cannot afford health insurance.

Filing a Negligence Lawsuit

Individuals who have sustained a paralyzing injury or illness because of the negligence of another person, a business, or a government may sue based on Florida’s negligence standard with the assistance of a Stuart paralysis injury lawyer.

The law demands that reasonable and prudent people act toward others in a manner that does not cause harm or property damage. If someone violates this “duty of care” and the injury happens because of that, they can be held liable for damages.

Florida’s law shares the financial burden among those who are at fault in causing the injury. Each party is assessed a percent of fault by a jury or the court. If the injured person was 20 percent at fault, only 80 percent of the claimed damages can be paid. This is known as comparative negligence.

Statute of Limitations

Floridians who are paralyzed as a result of someone’s negligence have two years from the date of the paralysis to file a lawsuit seeking damages. Missing the deadline means the injured party can never sue for that injury.

How a Stuart Paralysis Injury Attorney Can Help

Individuals who have been paralyzed should arrange a free legal consultation with the Stuart paralysis injury lawyer to determine if a civil lawsuit can be won in court. There is no obligation to hire the attorney.

The lawyer can gauge how valid a potential lawsuit might be, explain the law and the legal process, and answer questions. Contact an attorney today.

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