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Importance of Working with a Boca Raton Car Accident Attorney

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Automobile crash victims should understand the importance of working with a Boca Raton car accident attorney. It can be crucial to contact an experienced attorney right away who could complete a thorough investigation. The sooner an attorney begins working on a case, the better chance they have at a positive outcome.

If you were hurt in an accident, do not hesitate to contact the veteran legal team at Kogan & DiSalvo for a free consultation. They could analyze the details of your case and provide advice about your legal options. You should not have to handle this case alone. Let our attorneys take over your case so you can focus on healing.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney Early

It is important to get a lawyer on board as quickly as possible to preserve the evidence. An attorney could conduct an investigation, get the claim set up, and make sure the victim is getting appropriate medical attention. They could also play an important role in collecting evidence from the police or potential witnesses.

It is important for accident victims to seek immediate medical attention, whether or not the injuries seem life-threatening. Medical treatment can help establish the strong, solid baseline as to how someone was feeling after the accident. An attorney could help walk someone through the process and make sure they get better physically and emotionally. In addition, the lawyer could make sure the claim is set up properly and that the maximum recovery is obtained given the client’s injuries.

Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence comes into play when there is a dispute as to who caused the accident. Florida is a pure comparative negligence state, meaning that assessment of fault against the victim can go from 0% to 99%. For example, if a client is injured and their case is worth a $1,000, but the jury finds them 75% at fault, they will still recover $250. The total value of the damages is reduced by the amount of comparative negligence, and comparative negligence does not bar recovery as contributory negligence would.

For example, this could come into play if the victim had an opportunity to avoid an accident but failed to do so. They could have failed to perceive the danger, or they did not take evasive action or stop in time. A jury could say that the plaintiff was 20% fault for the accident for failing to avoid the collision. This would reduce their damages by 20% after the verdict was rendered.

Defense lawyers will often attempt to argue comparative negligence in an attempt to pay the accident victim less. These arguments can be difficult to fight back against without help from a skilled car accident lawyer.

Contact a Boca Raton Car Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in a car accident, you should understand the importance of working with a Boca Raton car accident attorney. The seasoned legal team at Kogan & DiSalvo could put years of experience to work on your behalf. We could defend you from any arguments of comparative negligence and fight for the maximum possible recovery. Get in touch with our firm today and schedule a free consultation.

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