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Process of Filing a Boca Raton Car Accident Lawsuit

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Injuries and property damage are two main results following an auto wreck. These unexpected costs can pile up quickly and weaken an individual’s financial health. Someone who has experienced such an accident should research the steps involved in the process of filing a Boca Raton car accident lawsuit. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer could help answer questions that you might have and work to establish a compelling argument in court. Call today and schedule an appointment to start reviewing your potential legal options.

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Filing a Complaint After an Auto Wreck

The process of filing a Boca Raton car accident lawsuit typically begins with a complaint. This notice is filed with the circuit court. In general, the complaint is the legal pleading which initiates the lawsuit by naming the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as stating the plaintiff’s allegations. It is important to note that Boca Raton is located in a notice jurisdiction. This type of jurisdiction allows the complaint to list more general information instead of requiring many details. The notice generally is supposed to tell the defendant that they are being sued and briefly explains the reasons why.

Furthermore, a specific dollar amount is not typically set forth in the complaint by the plaintiff. Instead, the complaint usually explains the lawsuit is for an amount in excess of $15,000.00. Listing a general dollar amount essentially allows the jury to determine how much money should be given for a person’s pain and suffering. In some cases, especially when the defendant’s actions were shown to be incredibly egregious, an injured person may be eligible to receive punitive damages. These types of damages are not to address the economic costs of a person’s injury but simply to punish the reckless party and reduce the chance for them to repeat the alleged action.

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Importance of Evidence in a Lawsuit for a Car Accident Injury

In most cases, a person needs to show how their injury was caused by another negligent party. This is often demonstrated through various evidence that is submitted by the plaintiff and their attorney. Failure to submit credible evidence may significantly and negatively impact the process of filing a Boca Raton car accident lawsuit. A skilled injury attorney who understands car accident lawsuits could request the police report, locate photographs or video footage from surveillance cameras, and potentially seek the counsel of a medical expert. Proceeding without enough evidence could strongly reduce a person’s chance of succeeding in court.

Ask a Lawyer About the Process of Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in Boca Raton

A car accident can result in many different injuries and a range of property damage. Someone who has suffered from such an incident may highly benefit from seeking legal counsel and inquiring about the process of filing a Boca Raton car accident lawsuit. A reliable car accident lawyer could examine the contributing factors and work to demonstrate how a negligent driver caused your suffering. Call now and arrange for an appointment to begin assessing your legal options.

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