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Boca Raton Car Accident Settlements

Driving can be a dangerous activity as some motorists operate with less care than others. When a motorist operates a vehicle in a negligent manner, they often put other individuals at risk for an accident and sometimes may cause severe accidents with extensive injuries. A person who was injured by a careless motorist could potentially file a car accident lawsuit to secure compensation or go after a settlement. If you were injured by a negligent driver, consider pursuing a car accident settlement. To learn more about car accident settlements, schedule an appointment with a Boca Ratoncar accident lawyer and they could help discuss legal strategies that may be advantageous for your case.

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Determining Legal Options

Following a car accident, a person who incurred injuries may accumulate many different expenses such as medical care costs and property damage. Additionally, their injuries may have prevented them from returning to work and they could face a loss of income. To address these concerns, a person may wonder about the different legal options that could offer financial relief. A settlement is one legal option that may satisfy an injured person’s desire to alleviate financial pressure and hold a negligent party accountable.

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Initial Consultation

Before meeting with an attorney, a person who is interested in weighing their legal options may want to gather some information. This information may include:

  • Police reports
  • Photographs or video they took at the scene
  • Copy of their auto insurance policy
  • Medical bills

In addition to those documents, a person may want to include any other information that could potentially help move their case forward. Furthermore, if a person prepares a brief list of points or questions that they would like to cover during their initial consultation it could help make the meeting more comprehensive and informative.

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Potential Reasons to Settle

A settlement is often more efficient than a trial. Someone who accepts a settlement offer typically knows exactly what they will receive. There are fewer surprises with settlements, whereas a trial could have many different twists and turns. Additionally, a car accident trial may not have a positive outcome as a judge and jury could potentially rule against a claimant.

While settlements could offer a person more stability than a trial, they are not always a perfect solution to an injured person’s needs. Prior to accepting a settlement offer, an injured individual should contact a caring car accident lawyer to discuss the pros and cons of car accident settlements.

Understanding the Process

While not always necessary, a person may choose to wait until they finish medical treatment to pursue a settlement. This way, they can accurately calculate their damages and reduce the risk of outstanding costs. Regardless of when they choose to pursue a settlement, an attorney typically will send a demand package to the other party or insurance company. This is often the first attempt to settle the case. Many times, an insurance company or another party have different ideas of what a fair valued settlement offer might look like. As a result, there could be a few different proposals suggested by both sides before a final settlement offer can be agreed upon. Ultimately, the claimant is the party that determines the amount Boca Raton car accident settlements. If they find an amount unsatisfactory, they may reject the offer and potentially propose a counteroffer.

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Contacting a Compassionate Boca Raton Car Accident Attorney

If you were severely injured in a car accident due to another person’s negligence, contact a reliable car accident attorney. They could help walk you through the process of Boca Raton car accident settlements and help identify fair offers. Call and schedule an appointment to begin learning about your potential legal options.

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