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Individuals at Risk for Boca Raton Pedestrian Accidents

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On average, one pedestrian and one bicyclist are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle every day in Palm Beach County. Pedestrians account for 14 percent of all traffic-related fatalities each year with Florida ranking in the top four states with the highest rates of pedestrian fatality. Children are at the greatest risk of being involved in an accident as a pedestrian while on their way to or from school. Contact a professional pedestrian accident attorney for more information on the individuals at risk for Boca Raton pedestrian accidents.

Frequency of Pedestrian Accidents

The presence of tourists significantly contributes to the frequency of pedestrian accidents in Boca Raton. Tourists are generally unfamiliar with traffic patterns and roadways in the areas in which they are walking or navigating, which may contribute to an accident. They may be looking at a map on their phones, talking on the phone, or trying to navigate their path in an unfamiliar area. Any increase in pedestrian population directly increases the likelihood of a pedestrian accident.

Common Fact Patterns in Boca Raton

Some fact patterns that are unique to pedestrian accidents in Boca Raton might include the types of injuries that pedestrians may face, including head trauma from impact with the vehicle or with the ground, road rash or abrasion to an extremity, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and disc herniations.

Children and Teens are at Risk for Pedestrian Accidents

Children are susceptible to these type of accidents when they are walking to or from school or the bus stop, when they are playing with other children in the street in the neighborhood, and when they are running after a ball if they are distracted while playing and forget to look both ways. Child-related pedestrian accident cases differ from cases involving adults because the nature of injuries is often times more severe because children are not fully developed.

Teens are also vulnerable when it comes to pedestrian accidents. For example, if teens are listening to music with headphones they may be unable to hear oncoming traffic, warning signs or other sounds that might serve as a warning to them. Teens also have less adult supervision which may allow them to behave in ways that are reckless

Pedestrian Accident Involving Elderly People

Qualities that increase the likelihood of an elderly person being hit by a vehicle in Boca Raton might include impaired vision and hearing, making them less capable of hearing a horn or seeing an approaching vehicle. The ability to judge speed or distance is decreased with age. They might have more limited physical mobility as well as lack of strength and flexibility that they had when they were younger. These things might significantly decrease their reaction time and ability to jump out of the way of a moving vehicle.

How can Pedestrians Trigger Aggressive Driving Habits in Boca Raton?

Pedestrian groups that may trigger aggressive driving habit might include:

  • A group of adolescents or adults who walk in the street or driving lanes instead of using designated pedestrian sidewalks or walkways.
  • Groups of individuals playing catch with seemingly no regard to oncoming traffic or vehicles.
  • Groups of children or adolescents intentionally antagonizing drivers by throwing objects at vehicles or jumping in front of them with intention of frightening the driver.
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