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Collecting Evidence in a Boynton Beach Car Accident Case

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Car accidents commonly lead to severe injuries and costly medical care. However, a person may be eligible to seek financial compensation depending on the circumstances of the alleged incident. Collecting evidence in a Boynton Beach car accident case may be a key part of succeeding in court and securing financial compensation. Our knowledgeable car accident attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo could help a person collect and analyze evidence to support their claim. If you or a loved one suffered a severe injury following a car crash, schedule a legal consultation to begin assessing your legal options.

Initial Evidence Collection

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Following a car crash, an injured person may be confused and unsure of how to proceed. A lawyer who is well-versed in car accident cases could ease their burden by assisting in collecting evidence following a car accident by obtaining:

  • Photographs of the scene or vehicles
  • Video footage
  • Police report
  • Property damage estimates
  • Witness statements
  • Medical reports from the treating medical provider

Collecting such evidence in a Boynton Beach car accident case may significantly help a lawyer demonstrate how another driver acted negligently on the roadway. Preserving the integrity of evidence is often a time-sensitive process. The quicker a person is able to retain an attorney who understands evidence collection protocol, the more compelling the evidence may be in court. For example, photographs or video footage from traffic cameras may allow a person to show how a negligent driver caused the accident and their subsequent injuries.

Presenting Evidence in Court

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When evidence is presented in court following a car crash, it typically occurs during the trial portion of the case. There may be some instances where evidence is presented to a judge prior to the trial, but those are not common. For example, when a driver is accused of driving under the influence and causing an accident, the judge may hear evidence when a claim for punitive damages is filed. This could help the judge decide whether or not the complaint should be amended to allow the pursuit of punitive damages.

For the majority of cases, the evidence is introduced during the trial phase and admitted when certain standards are met. In most trials, evidence showing exactly what happened and how the alleged damages or injuries were caused may have a positive impact on the outcome of a person’s case. As a result, it is important to get key pieces of evidence such as photographs or video footage from traffic cameras admitted. Prior to trial, an individual and their dedicated car accident attorney should attempt to preserve all evidence available following the collision. While a person may not initially believe a piece of evidence is important, they should refrain from throwing anything away until consulting an experienced legal representative.

Contact an Attorney About Collecting Evidence in a Car Accident Case in Boynton Beach

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If you or a family member were injured because of a negligent driver, contact our qualified car accident attorneys who understand the importance of collecting evidence in a Boynton Beach car accident case. The lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo could review the circumstances of your case and work to establish the negligence of a careless driver. Call us and schedule a free consultation to discuss your potential legal options.

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