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When a motor vehicle hits a pedestrian, the resulting injuries can be severe. If such a collision results in physical harm, the injured pedestrian may have the right to pursue financial compensation from the responsible party. Margate pedestrian accident lawyers from Kogan & Disalvo may be able to assist you by pursuing financial restitution in your case.

Given the unusual circumstances and the potential for grievous injuries, pedestrian accident lawsuits can differ significantly from most personal injury cases. To learn how our accomplished personal injury attorneys might be able to help, call today. En Español.

Potential Damages from Civil Lawsuits Involving Injured Pedestrians

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If a pedestrian suffers an injury after being struck by a car, motorcycle, or bike, they may be entitled to file suit against the responsible party and pursue financial compensation. Given how complicated these lawsuits can sometimes become, though, an injured pedestrian in Margate may benefit from the guidance of attorneys who have experience with pedestrian accident cases.

Successful civil plaintiffs may receive compensation for many different types of injuries and losses. Typically, civil cases center around financial recovery for medical expenses, which can cover both past medical bills and future medical expenses.

A victim may also be able to obtain damages for lost wages if they were forced to miss work in order to recover from their injuries. Margate pedestrian accident attorneys could help plaintiffs pursue not only the wages they lost while recovering from their injuries, but also for their diminished future earning capacity as well.

Deadline For Filing a Civil Lawsuit

Most civil lawsuits must be filed before a certain deadline to proceed successfully. Under Florida Statutes, a pedestrian accident claim must be filed within two years from the date of the incident for the court to hear it with some exceptions. The courts can bar lawsuits filed after the statute of limitations, so time is often of the essence.

How Legal Counsel Could Help in Pedestrian Injury Cases

A printed medical billing statement with a stethoscope on top of it

A pedestrian accident lawsuit involves unique challenges, but seasoned pedestrian accident lawyers in Margate may be able to put an injured pedestrian in the best position to recover their damages. Some of the steps legal representatives could in the interest of helping a civil plaintiff may include:

  • Identifying all potential sources of compensation, including insurance policies
  • Gathering evidence from the incident scene including the police report
  • Hiring experts to testify in court regarding a plaintiff’s injuries and the nature of the accident
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and opposing counsel
  • Compiling all relevant medical bills and records
  • Documenting other evidence of damages including property repair bills

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Pedestrian accidents, are unfortunately a frequent occurrence on Florida highways and roads. Even when pedestrians take the appropriate precautions when crossing the street, they may still be involved in a collision with a motor vehicle.

Whether these accidents occur on crosswalks, sidewalks, or the middle of the street, the reality is that pedestrian accidents can have devastating consequences. Schedule a free consultation today with Margate pedestrian accident lawyers to discuss your legal options.

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