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Any collision between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck has the potential for significant injury. However, the most devastating collisions occur when a passenger vehicle strikes a semi head-on. These collisions may result in a catastrophic impact on the front of the passenger vehicle that can lead to fatal injuries. The seasoned attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo could help a survivor of a head-on truck crash obtain compensation and justice from the negligent trucker responsible for the collision.

You do not have to take on this lawsuit on your own. Stuart head-on truck accident lawyers could assist you throughout the process, from evaluating your claim to filing a lawsuit on your behalf. With the right legal help, the compensation you need may become a reality.

What Happens After a Head-On Truck Wreck?

Head-on collisions between large semis and other motor vehicles can occur on any two-lane road or multilane highway. Some crashes may occur when a car attempts to pass a slower-moving vehicle on a two-lane road, only to collide with an oncoming truck. In other cases, a careless trucker may drift over the center line into oncoming traffic and strike a passenger vehicle.

Because of the varying nature of these accidents, there is no presumption that one party or another is at fault. Stuart attorneys handling front-end truck accident lawsuits must establish the cause of a crash before moving forward.

Additionally, legal counsel must evaluate a claimant’s total losses and injuries. These may be particularly awful for several reasons. First, the difference in size between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle is significant. Because of its much smaller size, these motor vehicles may suffer the majority of damage when it collides with a large big rig.

In addition to size, the fact that both vehicles were heading in opposite directions also plays a role. When two cars driving opposite directions collide head-on, the impact can be far more devastating compared to vehicles that sideswipe each other or collide differently.

Sharing Fault for a Crash

In Stuart, when head-on truck wreck attorneys can show an injured claimant was blameless for an accident, they may be able to recover the full amount of damages. However, some of these collisions occur due to mistakes made by both drivers. When that happens, it may impact the damages a plaintiff recovers.

Under state law, an injured person has the right to bring a claim no matter their degree of fault. However, sharing in the fault of a crash may impact the damages they recover

At trial, a jury determines the degree of the plaintiff’s fault in the crash, if any. Then, they may reduce the damage award to the plaintiff by their percentage of fault. For example, if someone is 40 percent at fault for their collision with the truck, they may only receive 60 percent of their damages from the driver or the trucking company.

Speak with a Stuart Head-On Truck Accident Attorney

Recovering from injuries following an accident can be a major undertaking, and trying to deal with the challenges of pursuing a claim can make it even more difficult. Therefore, you should consult with the Stuart head-on truck accident lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo for legal guidance. To get started on your case, call today.

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