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After being injured in a car wreck, you may be uncertain where to turn first for help. While your priority may be getting medical attention and dealing with the physical and emotional impact of your injuries, you also may need financial support during your recovery period. Margate car accident lawyers from Kogan & DiSalvo could assist you with any personal injury claims that you may have after your car accident.

Our personal injury attorneys will investigate the facts of your case and determine the cause of the accident, as well as identify all parties who potentially are liable. We could also keep track of your medical expenses, property losses, and lost wages to build a strong claim for all of your damages. En Español.

How Can Careless Driving Result in Auto Wrecks?

Although some car accidents are attributable to vehicle malfunctions or defects, most accidents result from careless or reckless human action. If the negligence of another individual directly caused injuries, victims may be able to hold them financially responsible.

Passenger vehicle accidents can have many possible causes—for example, using a cell phone or another electronic device may result in the careless operation of a motor vehicle and then a dangerous crash. Other potential causes include traffic violations, such as speeding, disregarding traffic signals, and failing to yield to oncoming traffic.

Impairment from drugs and alcohol also is a typical source of car accidents. Although these accidents may result in criminal charges, they also can expose the impaired driver to civil liability through a personal injury lawsuit. Consulting Margate auto collision attorneys from Kogan & DiSalvo may be essential to bringing a successful and effective personal injury claim.

Negligence Law and Comparative Negligence in Car Wreck Cases

In civil cases, determining the negligent party is critical to recoverable compensation. An injured party generally proves negligence by demonstrating that the defendant’s actions breached the duty of care they had to others on the road, that an accident occurred as a direct result of this breach, and that they—the victim—suffered injuries from that collision.

In some situations, crash victims may be responsible to some degree for the accident that led to their injuries. State law still permits partially liable plaintiffs to seek compensation from other negligent parties.

However, their recoverable compensation would be reduced in proportion to the degree of fault they bear. For example, if the injured person was 25 percent at fault for the accident that caused their injuries, they would be limited to recovering for 75 percent of their total damages.

What is the Statute of Limitations of Car Accident Claims?

All personal injury claims, including those arising from car accidents, are subject to a specific statute of limitations. This legal concept provides a deadline by which injury victims must file personal injury lawsuits.

Generally, Florida Statutes requires all injury victims to file their civil claims within four years of the date of their accident with some exceptions. Failure to meet the required statute of limitations may mean that hurt individuals can no longer pursue their legal recourse, so getting advice from lawyers who are knowledgable about car wreck cases in Margate will be instrumental to protecting the rights of injured parties to file suit.

Call Margate Car Accident Attorneys for Advice

In the aftermath of a severe car accident, you are likely to accumulate massive medical bills, need repairs on your vehicle, and be forced to take time off work to recover from your injuries. An accident can leave you with unexpected financial burdens and no income, perhaps permanently.

Contacting Margate car accident lawyers from Kogan & DiSalvo may be crucial to protecting your rights and holding negligent drivers accountable. During your recovery efforts, take the time to get legal advice so that you get the compensation to which you are entitled. Call our office for a free consultation.

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