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A moment of distraction, a decision that is too aggressive, or an inability to see around a curve can lead to the devastating consequences of a head-on collision. When this happens, those who are injured or the families of those killed need the competent legal representation to sue for damages with the help of a Stuart head-on collision lawyer. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you make an assessment on how to pursue your case.

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

The vast majority of head-on collisions occur on rural roads and undivided two-lane highways, according to the Highway Safety Information System. Head-on collisions happen when a driver is fatigued and drifting off to sleep, or when there is impairment, distraction from a cell phone, or something distracting going on inside the vehicle. These comprise the majority of faults causing most head-on collisions.

Secondary causes for head-on collisions include, a driver losing control because of a flat tire, choosing to pass others at the wrong time, missing or ignoring highway and traffic signs, bad weather, road hazards, and animal crossings. In cities, drivers entering highways and freeways ignoring the huge, red, Wrong Way warning sign endanger many oncoming vehicles before they hit one or more. A Stuart head-on collision lawyer can evaluate how the collision happened and apply that to the applicable law to assess the validity of the case.

Liability and Negligence Law

Surviving motorists who cause injuries or deaths in head-on collisions can face criminal charges such as vehicular manslaughter, but they also can face civil litigation and significant monetary damages brought by Stuart head-on collision lawyers.

Head-on collisions are adjudicated under negligence law. Florida uses the comparative negligence doctrine, which spreads financial responsibility to all parties who had some fault in causing harm or property damage to someone.

The dollar figure is reached by a jury. It determines the percentage of fault a party has, and the amount of damages that can be claimed is reduced by that percentage of fault. If the injured person was ten percent at fault, damages are reduced 10 percent.

To achieve damages, the lawyer needs to prove that the offending driver failed in the legal obligation to treat others on the road with care. This is called duty of care in the law. The lawyer must prove that an act that breached duty of care caused the collision, and the collision caused the injuries or deaths. Finally, actual financial expenses from the collision must have happened.

High Cost of Head-On Collision Injuries

Because the speed of impact is the combined speeds of both vehicles, the injuries sustained can be life-changing. Disability, paralysis, disfigurement, brain and spinal cord damages, internal injuries, burns, and other harm are common. The costs of life-long care is substantial and can run into millions of dollars. The severity of these injuries is why it is important to obtain legal representation as early as possible after the collision.

Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

A lot of groundwork needs to be done to gather all the facts of the collision, police reports, the background of the driver, pertinent records of the company that employed the driver if the collision happened in the course of employment, on top of finding and interviewing witnesses.

The amount of damages must be documented in a lawsuit, so estimates of ongoing care need to be calculated. If you or a loved one has been involved in a head-on collision, then do not hesitate to contact a Stuart head-on collision lawyer who can examine all aspects of your case, advise you of your different legal options, and help you to decide your next steps going forward.

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