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car accident claim medical bills, lost income, physical rehabilitation, pain and suffering

Why Do I Need an Accident Lawyer if the Insurance Company Pays My Bills?

After getting in an auto accident, you may be considering whether to hire an attorney for your medical bills. But […]

tired driver in car causes accidents

Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: How You Can Help

Drivers who operate vehicles while they’re tired can cause serious auto accidents that lead to life-altering injuries and sometimes even […]

Florida Car Accident Statistics, Slideshare

Florida Car Accident Statistics, Slideshare

View this slideshare presentation to discover parts of South Florida that might be more dangerous than others. This compares car […]

Our Car Accident Attorneys Can Help, Tesla Crash

Car accidents can be serious, resulting in injuries and sometimes death. In May, 2016 a man test driving a Tesla […]

cell phone and car accident infographic driving while texting car accident

Cell Phones and Car Accidents: The Connection

Texting while driving is a leading factor in car crashes across the Boca Raton area, and across the entire United […]

how drowsey driving affects person driving a car

More People Than You Think Are Driving While Drowsy

Most Americans have long days. You may go 17, 18, even 19 hours between waking up and going to sleep. […]

florida distracted driving awareness month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Last year, over 45,700 motor vehicle accidents in Florida were caused by distracted driving. Those accidents resulted in over 39,000 […]

emotional driving person in car distracted driving female in car

Emotional Driving More Dangerous than Distracted Driving

A recent study found driving while experiencing negative emotions may very well be more dangerous than distracted driving. The Virginia […]

uber legislation fails in senate

RideShare Legislation Tanks in the Senate

Two bills aimed at regulating insurance requirements for rideshare services like Uber stalled out in Florida’s Legislature by the time […]

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