West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are a common occurrence on Florida roadways. Whether the cause of the car accident was distracted driving, drunk driving, or speeding – serious injuries often follow.

A West Palm Beach car accident lawyer helps people injured in car accidents or people who have lost loved ones in car accidents receive compensation for injuries and damages by making claims or filing lawsuits against wrongdoers and negligent drivers. If you have been in an accident, you should contact an experienced injury lawyer right away for help pursuing compensation.

Driver Responsibility Following a Car Crash

If someone is involved in a car crash in West Palm Beach, they are obligated to remain at the scene. The best thing to do is seek medical attention for anyone injured, especially themselves, and contact law enforcement. They should make sure they obtain information about the vehicle, registration, and insurance information.

The same goes for passengers, witnesses, and bystanders – obtain the name and address of those individuals as well. This information is also found in the accident report.

Common Car Crash Injuries

People injured in car crashes can suffer severe injuries from the collision. The most serious include:

  • Head and neck injuries, including damage to the brain or face
  • Back and chest injuries
  • Pelvis and abdomen injuries
  • Knee and leg injuries

No-Fault Insurance

No-fault is a term commonly heard following a car accident in West Palm Beach. A no-fault insurance system means that when injured in a car accident, the injured party must first seek redress from their own insurance company for economic damages – like medical care and treatment and lost wages, regardless of fault.

When the injuries sustained by the victim are permanent, significant or lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement, the victim may file a claim outside of the no-fault system holding the other driver responsible.

Obtaining Damages

An injured party has four years to file a lawsuit for personal injuries sustained and property damage related to a car accident. The clock starts ticking on the day of the accident. Some exceptions apply if the party at fault is a municipality or the injured party is a minor.

When a lawsuit is filed alleging personal injury and property damage fault is determined to establish liability and minimize the amount of damages a person receives.

Florida is considered a pure comparative fault rule state when it comes to car accidents. The total amount of damages someone receives is the amount awarded minus their percentage of fault, only if they contributed fault to the accident.

Contacting a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident in Florida, contact a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer to schedule a consultation to review your case.

You have a right to receive compensation for all permanent personal injuries and property damage you have sustained because of a car accident in Florida. There are no upfront costs and a fee is only charged if a recovery is made. Call West Palm Beach accident lawyers today to begin your case.

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